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Youzign 2.0 ReviewYouzign 2.0 is a software that transforms ordinary ‘run of the mill' marketers into a professional designer!

Just kidding… sort of…

Seriously though, whether you are a designer or not, I believe this should most definitely be in your toolbox. In fact, it's the first tool I'm putting on the “must-have” list of 2016. Mostly because it saved my bacon this week on a promo. I hate outsourcing graphic design, and I hate crafting design with Photoshop and templates. I just suck at it. I'm decent with Photoshop, but I AM NOT a designer.

Youzign 2 makes me feel like a designer! It takes out the guesswork out of graphics, and…graphics are basically 50% of marketing. Youzign is not just something that looks easy on the surface but ends up being a pain. It works like it should when you go deeper and it's been tested for 24 months.

Here is why Youzign 2 shines on like a Crazy Diamond:

  1. Even newbies have the power to craft custom designs in minutes that will pull in more money in less time with this simple tool
  2. Templates give you the exact specifications for any type of graphic a marketer would make: Facebook ads and header backgrounds, Youtube templates, Twitter, G+, etc (200 templates and over 1 million copyright free images!)
  3. Includes a version of the software for literally every platform: web-based (see my video demo), Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android!
  4. Over 27,000 users have tested it for 24 months: It's rock solid and reliable

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Watch My YouZign 2.0 Review ***NOTE*** The launch special ended over a year ago so the prices have changed…

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Youzign 2.0 Review Score: 9.0/10

I wanted to give this a perfect 10, but I couldn't. I just don't feel comfortable with that. There are few things that weren't very intuitive for me as someone familiar with Photoshop and I think they made a mistake not going with similar shortcut keys. A few things that felt kinda like bugs, but weren't. They just had to do with the fact that I didn't watch tutorials and tried to ‘learn on the fly'. So I suggest you watch the 45 min tutorials first. In that case, for real-world purposes, it's probably a 10/10. But honestly, nothing is perfect. So I still don't feel comfortable saying that. UPDATE: After playing with it for a lot longer I realized there's a bug in the undo feature. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it did something weird or didn't work at all. Same with the “center” feature. It would place the item in a different spot. And then again, to a lesser extent with the layering feature to “send to front/back”. These aren't deal breakers for me because I've still been able to craft my graphics in significantly less time.. and I'm confident they will be addressed by the software vendor. So I docked .7 more because of this.

UPDATE: This is what separates ordinary product vendors from great ones! I'm changing my score yet again to 9.3 because I can tell they are committed to making the best product possible:


The OFFER and The OTOs… ***UPDATE*** Some of these offers and bonuses may not be available any longer unless they are my custom bonuses.

Front end offer: $27 Lifetime License, 200 templates included

UPDATE: YouZign 2.0 Bonuses Added! Buy through my link and get these 6 bonuses:

  • Offline Graphics Editor (Whitelabel License – $297 value) – CRAZY VALUE!
  • Pixel-Perfect Icon Graphics pack – 1,000 high definition marketing graphics
  • Premium Photos – 1,000 royalty-free high definition stock photos w/ full developer rights
  • 176 High Quality Background Graphics
  • 191 Social Media Header Graphics Templates
  • WP Recommendation: Create Beautiful Promotion Graphics

I don't like it when OTOs are required. So you absolutely DO NOT need the OTOs to use this. The front end offer with 200 templates works perfectly fine. However, here are the details if you want to go the extra mile (like me).

OTO1:  $97, $67!!! 1000 extra templates

My 2 cents: Price might seem a little bit steep, but considering the base lifetime license is only $27, and you're getting 1,000 templates, this is actually great deal. I'm getting this myself.

Upgrade Bonus #2: Video Frames

The only way to add beautiful, responsive video frames without writing a single line of code! If you use Youtube or Vimeo videos on your blog you need to see this

Upgrade Bonus #3: InfoBar V2

Brand new app creates stunning notification bars to boost conversions, promote your offers and grow your list in only 3 easy steps. Increase user engagement, drive more traffic and make more sales with infobar!

Upgrade Bonus #4:Button Creator

Create professional-grade buttons; simply click on the size button to change the size, choose from 50 high resolution icons, add the color scheme that suits, modify the text, and boom… you are set.

OTO 2: $1 Trial, $37/month Youzign Club – 100 extra templates per month – Opinion: Great deal considering what ongoing graphics subscriptions usually cost. Because this is not just some graphics. It includes layers and you can edit everything.

My 2 cents: Get it if you plan on doing a lot of design on a monthly basis and/or want to be an ‘agency' and offer design services online through Upwork, Fiverr, etc. You could combine it with Arbitrage Underdog and cut out the Fiverr “design” problem.

OTO3:  Starts at $87, Lifetime Agency License: you can have multiple users under your license. Team collaboration like Google docs, collaborating on designs and such. If you have more than one person working on something at the same time, maybe you have a virtual assistant, need more than one login. This might be useful. And it's impressive that they've included it. But I’m gonna give it a pass though.

OTO4: $197 Kickstart – they will basically do custom designs for you. Considering 99designs starts at $300 this is actually a pretty good deal. But it’s not necessary at all, especially when you can just take their templates and do it yourself. I might change my mind on this when I see the full offer. I give it a 5/10

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Youzign 2.0 Review Features

Update: Youzign 2.0 vs. Canva,  Paid vs. Free (*** also see comments section for Moonpixlar comparison***)
Here's a comparison of a “free” software (Canva) vs. Youzign and below the video I breakdown the key points.

I. Standard Version Pricing Comparison:

Canva Free or Canva For Work (Free trial, then $112/yr) vs. Youzign Standard ($27 Lifetime)

I. Agency Version Pricing:

Canva For Work $9.99/mo (paid as $112/yr + $12.95 extra per user per month

Youzign Agency $87 (no extra fees per user

II. Interface/software:

Canva is web-only, Ipad support coming soon.

Youzign has web and Desktop versions: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, as well as mobile versions: iOS and Android. The user interface is more friendly and has more options.

III. Legal:

Canva: Murky legal details: templates can be used one-time and not commercial use is unclear; pay $1 for “premium graphics”.

Youzign: 200 copyright free templates included and over 1.3 million copyright free images. Upgrades: $67 for 1,000 extra templates and $37/mo 100 templates delivered per month.

IV. Templates:

Canva: Plenty of the standard templates; Better template interface, Murky template legal rights

Youzign: Has more template types for marketers, All images within are copyright-free.


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