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Hey friends.. this video is a bit long but I wanted to give you a few things to inspire and help move you toward your goals:

  1. Show you what's possible with internet marketing. What I've been up to and the partnerships I've forged all from starting with a simple hobby of selling things on eBay, to selling cheap $200 websites… yep, I've been there!
  2. Three “quick cash” methods you can start doing TODAY to make some real money to fund your internet marketing startup.

First 3 People to comment on here on my site get copies of my new ebook on eBay/Amazon selling OR my mobile website training, whichever you prefer. One condition: The comment or question must be something of substance, something of value. Not just “hey cool video” or “tl;dw” or.. whatever. Know what I'm saying?

Remember, The Obstacle Is The Way…