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I twisted Maria's arm after she raised the price of her course so my friends can still get $500 off until Tuesday November 14. The coupon is embedded in the link below.

Click Here to Get It For $500 Off (Plus My Unique Bonus)

My rating for Video Ads Made Easy: 9.5/10

Keep in mind:

1. Video 1 below is an overview + Q&A from a student and video 2 is 1 hr training/hangout with Maria

2. This is great for newbies or seasoned marketers because MANY of her successful students have been total newbies. I know because I interviewed one a few weeks ago!

2. I'm only reviewing and recommending products I personally use in my business and this is top notch. More details below… if you want an in-depth intro training, watch the second video below, which is the hangout with Maria…

3. My BONUS includes a coaching or hangout call where we discuss what you're trying to do and how I can help you. I have a lot of experience and I have a lot of resources, so I will provide whatever you need related to your strategy (e-commerce, info marketing, etc).


My video review and answering a reader question about FB ads and ecommerce (Intro ends at 1 min 40 sec)

Click Here to Get It For $500 Off (Plus My Unique Bonus)

Watch our hangout below to learn more about it…
btw it was recorded before they shut down access for a month.
They just reopened at the higher price, so this offer is exclusive to my friends.

Click Here to Get It For $500 Off (Plus My Unique Bonus)