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Hey guys, this will be a pretty short review because this product is very straight to the point. It's an interview series with some of the most qualified “underground” marketing experts in the industrysecrets-of-the-search-engine-masters. I know because a few of these people have mentored me in various areas, and one has even been a partner to me! So yeah, I can't recommend this highly enough, especially because the price is soooo right! I've been through nearly all of them, including all of the SEO, Social, YouTube, and email marketing modules.

I'm very impressed with Lewis Fly, who put this product together pretty much all on his own. He's a go-getter. And he made some amazing connections on a cruise a while back, and was able to get some of the top people in the industry to let him interview them. I've listened to every interview in the series (unless he added more after he gave me access) and I can vouch for their quality. Here's the deal, with my comments:

FE offer: $9.97 – worth every penny and more.

Module #1 “Five Things You Must Have To Get On Page 1” John Limbocker, ‘The Godfather of SEO' gives a fantastic interview 🙂

Module #2 “Double Barrel Traffic Strategy” Jason Potash talks about generating free traffic using smart automation and great content to leverage Google and YouTube.

Module #3 “Get The Edge With Proven 5 Minute Tweaks” Kyle Roof talks about on-page SEO, and how to set up your sites, pages, and content correctly. You will learn how to write the perfect content page for SEO and he talks about the silo structure as well.

Bonus #1 “Avoid The #1 Reason for SEO Failure” Greg Montoya reveals BIG secrets that he didn't talk about in my interview with him. He also gives away his actual spreadsheets he uses to organize and track all of his SEO tasks. Oh, and he's a surfer.

Bonus #2 “Tactics For Building A 7 Figure Business” Published Huff Post Author and accomplished speaker reveals the strategies he's used to build his multi-million dollar business.

Bonus #3 “The Little Known Secret For Ranking On Youtube in 20mins” Former corporate Marketer who now runs his own agency that helps clients leverage YouTube

Bonus #4 “SEO Secrets Checklist” Full PDF w/ step-by-step instructions – I haven't reviewed this PDF yet


Grab It Here With My Bonus!

UPSELL 1 – $17 – great interviews!

User Signals are now the big thing in SEO. And they come from CONTENT. This OTO has two fantastic interviews about how to develop and write content that ranks and sells. Again John Limbocker digs deep into the ‘why’ and then shares his tips on ‘how’.

Also included is an interview with online marketing strategist and owner of Genoo LLC. Kim Albee along with her head of marketing, Margaret Johnson. They set out actionable steps on how to get into the head of the target market and how to speak their language so your content not only helps your pages rank but engages and sells.

UPSELL 2 – $27 – This one includes interviews with one of my mentors…

Another big signal to Google that your site is relevant is ‘RETURN VISITORS’. Building a list from the start is a smart move and in this package there’s some great ideas on how to go about it. Not only that but there’s a whole interview on how to segment the list so you are ‘speaking’ directly to the customer and keeping it relevant. That translates into loyal customers and more sales.

Plus a big bonus interview with Laura Betterly covering paid Facebook advertising and Retargeting.