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UPDATE: It's won “Product of the Day” Twice! Wow. The launch period is over but I would still recommend grabbing this before it goes up to $147.


What if you could get 70,000+ visitors in just 30 days, with some days as high as 6,000-8,000 visitors, on complete autopilot?

And if you only did the “lazy method” of adding some adsense or amazon affiliate links, could you make $50 to $100 / day?

Most definitely. How do I know? I've seen it..

This course is a case study about putting in work on the front end and setting up some automated systems to get this kind of traffic, and then monetizing any number of ways: adsense (lazy method), ecommerce, cpa, affiliate marketing, etc.. I’m excited about it because it’s a complete A to Z system from a marketer I respect, and it’s not theory. It’s an actual case study where he walks you through the entire process. And the course teaches you so many things that are needed with IM that you will come out with several new skillsets. Plus, my bonuses will add even more conversion methods after you've started.

When most people create these courses, they only have proof in the IM niche, and that’s really problematic for a lot of reasons. But Stefan is doing this in other niches as well and the case study is in a niche far removed from IM. That's why I decided to add this method to my own businesses…

If you already got this through another affiliate link, you can clear your browser cache and still get OTOs from me and all my extras – the direct links are here (oto1) and here (oto2). Any trouble just email me or call me on Monday. (Yes you can actually get me on the phone!)

Click Here to Get It For $47 (before it jumps to $147) Plus ALL of my Unique Bonuses

Watch The Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review Video:

Video Timestamps:
1:00 – Intro
3:00 – Personal update
3:35 – Overview of the training (Who is it for and why?)
7:55 – Proof (traffic and income)
9:57 – Front End Product Walkthrough
15:47 – OTO1 Walkthrough
17:00 – OTO2 and downsells overview
17:50 – Bonuses


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Click Here to Get It For $47 (before it jumps to $147) Plus ALL of my Unique Bonuses


Inside the main product:

  • 4 modules, over 120 minutes of training, A to Z everything you need to start a profitable traffic business within 30 days.
  • Price? $47 (could jump to $147 at anytime. I don't know when he's raising the price)
  • Bonuses:
    • Facebook Mastermind Group Access
    • Twitter Traffic Profits Boost Training
    • Affiliate Traffic Masterclass Training
  • My Unique NON-PLR Bonuses ($197 value)
    • Kindle Traffic Training case study (Updated with new results and future plans so you can add this source to your arsenal)
    • My extensive pagebuilder and WordPress customization package. 6 videos that will show you what I use to build WP site pages, landing pages, and the software pagebuilders I use, with comparisons.
    • My “Couch Potato Copywriter” training so you can quickly add better copy to your landing pages (Only available at the new price points)

Get OTO1 Here (clear your browser cache before clicking)

  1. What’s in OTO1: Advanced case studies.
  2. Price? $37 (could change at any time)
  3. Thoughts on OTO1: I recommend you pick this up for more case studies. This is how I learn best so I recommend it. But you don't need it to succeed. If you're short on cash, skip it.
  4. My Unique NON-PLR Bonuses ($297 value)
    Email Marketing Package

    • $4k in 4 Days Case Study
    • 12 Steps To Improve Your Email Delivery Today (Video + Text)
    • Email Sequences Video Training  (Only available at the new price points)

Get OTO2 Here (clear your browser cache before clicking):

  1. What’s in OTO2: Done For You Pack – 5 Profit Packs, Image package, Outsourcing guide.
  2. Price? $47 (could change at any time)
  3. Thoughts on OTO2: I don't have enough info on this one to say either way. Check back later or go through the sales page and decide if it's something you want.
  4. My Unique Bonuses ($497 Value) –
    • Affiliate Marketing Live Webinar Replay
    • Exclusive Access For Updates on My Weight Loss Niche Site – Will share anytime you want updates
    • 1-on-1 Call Coupon, 1 hour long  (Only available at the new price points)


The bottom line is this one is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Not just approved. Not just recommended. HIGHLY recommended 🙂




Click Here to Get It For $47 (before it jumps to $147) Plus ALL of my Unique Bonuses