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Update: Want to go through this course WITH ME and learn how my friend got a 20k/mo buyer from Fiverr? Check out my bonus packages at the bottom of this review.

What if I told you there's a way to start making 100/day online without any prior experience?

And all you need is a computer and an internet connection and about 30 min a day to dedicate to it…

Sounds pretty awesome if you ask me.

Well that's what RPN is about. In my review I go into a “sneak peek” of the entire program and also talk about this awesome documentary I saw the other day (while I was sick at home for days, curled up like a baby haha). In this film a guy breaks a marathon world record nobody thought he could. He practiced after work and on the weekends. He was in terrible shape before AND after breaking the record. List.. it blew my mind. You gotta check it out. And please forgive any weird video glitches as this is my first live stream on YouTube 🙂

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Watch the Rapid Profit Ninja Review (Updated w/ more details)

Watch The Rapid Profit Ninja Original Review (Start at 8:50 if you're short on time)


Rapid Ninja Profits Overall Score: 4 stars out of 5. I really dig this course because it's completely newbie friendly and anyone can start going through it to get results quickly. The best part is that you can scale this up as high as you want. Even if you started making just $100 a week, you could scale to $500-1,000 from there.

What’s inside FE Offer: 1 PDF that walks you through all the steps, 3 walkthrough videos, and 4 bonus videos, and a cheatsheet
Price? $7 early bird then goes up to $13 over time
How long is offer open? ONLY 4 DAYS



  1. What’s in OTO1: Advanced training and Instant ranking blueprint
  2. Price? $17 (early bird) to $20
  3. Thoughts on OTO1: Rank your listings faster than your competitors. Making more sales and more money. This is a great deal for OTO1.


  1. What’s in OTO2: Two case studies (one from Art’s business and another from another marketer’s business), 30 DFY listings to save time with copy and pasting your lists, 3 extra methods if you want to make even more money
  2. Price? $27
  3. Thoughts on OTO2: I always recommend case studies and this one is super cheap. Plus this isn't just case studies, it's done-for-you AND case studies rolled into one! Usually each of these would be $67-97 alone. So to get both for $27 is a steal.


  1. What’s in OTO3: Coaching group. 60% discount off normal price. His students have 100% success rate.
  2. Price? $197
  3. Thoughts on OTO3: The fact that the people in his group who take action have a 100% success rate makes me want to recommend this. However, I am not a member and haven't experienced it myself so I can't tell you whether or not to get it. You'll have to decide for yourself. I believe in coaching though. It helped me and the cool thing about a group like this isn't just getting help from the product creator, it's meeting others who are successful. They have more time to help and making friends in this industry is key to success, in my experience.

The bottom line is this one is APPROVED. You can't go wrong with this strategy from this product creator (Art Flair). Anyone who's been reading my emails and articles for any length of time knows I'm a straight shooter. I don't recommend crap. And I don't recommend anything I wouldn't do myself. However, I can't tell you what to do. You have to decide for yourself. I hope my review will help you make that decision.



Click Here to Get It For $7 at 9a EST on Nov 6th Plus ALL of my Unique Bonuses Below


Check out my bonus packages below.. Each level offers something different…

eBook package: (1) Free Website Traffic Methods (2) Home Business Success (3) How to get Free Web Traffic (4) How to make $100 on Autopilot (5) Influx Free Traffic (6) Internet Marketing A to Z (7) Internet Marketing – Fast Money (8) Millionaire Mind Hacks (9) Miracle Commissions (10) My 1st Internet Business (11) Online Ads & Web Traffic (12) The Home Business Guru
My exact “self-optimization” blueprint and guide so you can get on the right mindset and dedicate 30 min a day to this method and start making money. This includes a webinar replay with one of my business partners that used Fiverr to get a $20k/mo client.
Kindle Free Book Traffic Case Study: I published a book with my friend (don't worry, you don't have to be a writer) and we built a list in the weight loss niche. This is an on-going case study, but we show you how we kicked it off. This is a strategy you can use with Art's course to get more traffic FREE.
Go through the course with ME! This includes a live content webinar where I show you how I'm using the course, answer any questions you may have, and help you closely. Even if you need your hand held. I'll also reveal how my friend got a $20/k per month client from a single Fiverr gig.