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Winners announced!!Ā 
Christine, Ivan, and Carl you guys win a free copy of the main course when you buy through my link! Reply to one of my emails with your receipt and I'll send you the amount via PayPal šŸ™‚


Hey guys, really proud to product this course and my review of The Elite Five, which is a collaboration of 5 experts on the top 5 ways to get started with internet marketing, or to add another income stream and scale up a bit. It includes my module on mobile site flipping that is very different from anything you've seen before, even in my past courses.

Also, I'm cranking up the bonuses because I really want to add value on this one. My bonus package value is hitting $2,000 at this point.

Click Here at 10 am EST on Monday Oct 24 to lock-in theĀ $7 Investment
(andĀ check this page 10 minutes before it goes liveĀ to see if you won a free copy)

I'm currently going through the OTOs right now so I can give a run-down, but I know others have gotten them and we have positive feedback on them. I just didn't create them myself and want to make sure if I comment on them it's from my experience.

Here's my bonus package as of now. I reserve to add MORE later šŸ™‚

FE Bonus #1: You get my latest eBay flipping PDF and most recent video training, where I take about 20-30 minutes showing my full process in real time. This is something I use as a side income and mostly for fun, but it's a great way to make some extra bucks if you're tight on funding your IM business, and it goes fairly well with Module 2 in the course.

FE Bonus #2: “Scale up Module 5 Bonus”. This is a mobile template training that expands greatly on my module 5 in the main course.Ā This is something differentĀ from my mobile website training in the actual course. In the main course,Ā you getĀ a super simple method to create mobile sites for local businesses that already have a main website, but it looks terrible on mobile. I show you a software that transfersĀ their main siteĀ over to a new mobile site and you can sell them the result. It's insanely easy and pretty cool, actually. My bonus hereĀ is a training method to sell them a mobile site if they don't have a website to base on already. It can also be used to scale up the strategy in the main course module, to save money over time.

OTO/Downsell PackageĀ Bonus #1: You get aĀ wordpressĀ template you can sell to local businesses as a full website, which I've sold for $1,000 myself. If you're a Blue Local Ocean member, you get this for free anyway, just hit me up after the launch and I'll send it. Either way, itĀ WILL include extra training on how to install it and modify it, and maybe a little extra. You must buy both OTOs or both downsells or a combination of both to get this package.

OTO Package Bonus #2: I told myself I wouldn't do this anymore, but if you grab both OTOs as well (not the downsells) Expired Oct 25 midnight EST

Catch you on the flipside..


Click Here at 10 am EST on Monday Oct 24 to lock-in theĀ $7 Investment
(andĀ check this page 10 minutes before it goes liveĀ to see if you won a free copy)