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 Advertising, Affiliate Promotions, Financial Relationships, and Endorsers

I do not blindly promote products and services no matter what the creators claim. People ask me to promote their products very often, and I ignore nearly all of the requests. I only endorse and provide offers for products and services that I LIKE, created, or run by people I TRUST.

If for some reason a problem arises with something I promoted as an affiliate, I will stick up for my customers and readers. For the most part, I do not endorse anything for money if I won’t endorse it for free. Given the chance, I like to put some money in my pockets rather than letting the advertiser get it all, which most people completely understand and would do as well, given the chance.

It’s entirely possible that I am being compensated in some form for recommending any particular product or service that I endorse on my website and any form of communication. If you are not sure, and this kind of thing concerns you, just assume I am getting paid and that I am giving you biased information. Also, if someone recommends my website, products, or services, they might receive a commission if you buy from me. So again, if this kind of thing concerns you, either ask the individual who referred you to me, or just assume they will get a commission and move along. I do, however, get referrals from people who do not get commissions.

If any of this bothers you, flips on a red light in your head, or makes you feel uneasy, do not buy from me, read my articles and posts, or click on my links.



Last updated: January 7, 2015

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