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arbitrage underdog evergreenIn short, this software rocks. You can make your investment back within days without ever seeing a human being in person. That will attract a lot of people to this….

Essentially, the bot pulls listings from Craigslist based on a keyword and location search, filters out the spam, and finds listings that mention they have a budget. Then on the right side it does the same on Fiverr. So you can see on your left someone with $150 budget for something, and on the right, pay someone $5 to get the work done. Boom. Arbitrage.

***UPDATE*** I've had a chance to test the Black Label Edition (the only upsell, currently $47)
and it's worth it. This expands the search capabilities from Craigslist to include these:

  • Elance
  • Upwork (Odesk, Upwork, and Elance now combined)
  • Gumtree – People are reporting grabbing higher value clients here
  • Simply Hired
  • Indeed
  • Indeed England
  • Indeed Ireland
  • Indeed Scotland
  • Indeed Whales
  • Kijiji
  • People Per Hour
  • FlexJobs


I've tried doing arbitrage type stuff, even made decent money at it. But it was always
pretty time-consuming. Not easy to scale. I do strongly believe in arbitrage as a path to wealth.

I've also tried getting local clients on craigslist, usually a pain. And just last week I was searching on
craigslist to find some guitar pedals…  I gave up and thought “I need a bot to sort through this crap”.

And using Fiverr for arbitrage has huge margin benefits. Always knew that. Used it myself.

But like I said, it takes too much time.

Not anymore!!! Tom's Arbitrage Underdog software and training put an end to that. I've found so many
ideas to use this my head is spinning! But I will save those ideas for the bonus private webinar for anyone
who purchases through my link below ($100 VALUE). And if you grab the Black Edition, I'll give you a 1-on-1
skype consultation ($250 VALUE). Trust me when I say I won't be giving away consulting calls like this
for very much longer. I'm doing it for a reason.

Plus, there's 15 real people who've actually made money using this method and recorded testimonials.

See it in action here:

And the previous version of this software is the ONLY product to win WSO of the Year!

That's saying something…



PS – don't forget to forward your receipt to me so I can send your bonuses at the end of the launch.