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The Dirt Road Internet Tycoon Story… Or… How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Internet Marketing.

Having my favorite Belgian beer in Bucharest, Romania.

(Cheers from Bucharest, Romania)

Hello Friend,


I'm Phillip Blackwell. My new friends call me Phil (that's you), and if you're into IM (internet marketing) you might know me as Flipside Phil, the Dirt Road Internet Tycoon. With the motto “Work Play Serve Profit”. If you don't know what all that means, I'll get to that… First, I have one question: How can I support you?

“Mud Bawgin’ Missippi Man Finds Luxury Laptop Gazillions!”

I thrive in life with multiple internet businesses and have done so for going on 11 years. It's a beautiful thing because it gives me the freedom to work and play how and when I want. I finally get to write and play music, and travel with my wife. And I believe anyone can do it, no matter your circumstances, with the right mindset.



From the lake to the ambulance…

Cut the excuses right now. I had more challenges than most people do. We all get really hung up on why we supposedly can't do this or that. We have all these excuses. Well, in 2004 I was declared disabled after years of back injuries. The last one put me in the hospital. I was wakeboarding that day and although I landed the biggest jump I'd ever taken perfectly, my back couldn't handle it and I blew out several discs in my spine. My friend recently found photos from that day, so there I am, carted off on a stretcher…

After that I couldn't seem to get well. I tried doing different types of work but my back continued blowing out to the point I couldn't walk. I had several diseases and was told I would be in a wheelchair in 10 years. I didn't have health insurance and had to move in with my parents and try to find a way to pay the bills without government assistance. So I turned to the internet. But I couldn't work at a computer more than 10 minutes without being in excruciating pain. I got into bad debt paying medical bills and buying tons of investing and internet marketing training products. I paid my credit card bills by selling stuff on ebay and amazon, and by fixing computers. Then I started building websites and selling them to local small businesses. Somehow I still attracted an amazing woman and got married, and we moved into a small house at the end of a dirt road. It took a while to fix it up because it was an old one my grandfather built and was in ruins. My internet line was slow (like dial-up speed), and routinely cut by road crews… but I still found a way to start an internet-based business and thrive.

Because I overcame all those challenges to succeed, THAT is why I believe anyone can do it.

My slow internet line is exposed and routinely cut by county road crews. Despite the fact that I wrapped it in pink duct tape!

My slow internet line is exposed and routinely cut by county road crews. Despite the fact that I wrapped it in pink duct tape!

Even if you don't have health challenges and major debt and no job, it can still be difficult. There's a learning curve. And everybody has their own problems. A lot of people find working for themselves is hard because it takes self-discipline. Even guys I know making big money still struggle with laziness. But the rewards FAR outweigh the challenges, and it gets much easier over time. To the point it feels effortless and you start waking up with money in your PayPal account. I have been able to buy most of the things I want and travel the world with my wife. It's definitely worth the work you put in at first. Because I believe the best thing you can do is work hard on something on the front end that takes very little time to maintain.

If you're new to IM or you're feeling overwhelmed, be sure to read my popular post The Red Flags of Internet Marketing


Here are the 3 ways I've made my money with internet marketing:

As you can see, I'm very famous in the world of business. Been on all the major networks.

As you can see, I'm very famous in the world of business. Been on all the major networks.

  1. E-Commerce (mostly eBay and Amazon, and now with Shopify)
  2. Marketing Consulting and Local SEO/PPC (less of this now)
  3. Selling info products and software, and some affiliate marketing when I feel like it

*If you're new to IM, I recommend starting with #1 or #2 first, as those are the easiest ways to start. I personally started with #1, then started doing #2 at the same time.*

Sometimes people ask me how to make “quick cash”. I have to say, that's a bad mindset to be in. If you NEED money bad, you need to be careful. It's best to either find a skill you can generate income with to fund your new internet business, or get a second job. You do have a job don't you? Then moonlight and learn IM. You CAN do this without a job. I did. But it's a huge challenge that I don't recommend. My friends that got a job and moonlighted got to where they are faster than me.

A quick note on this. People talk bad about getting or having a job as if it's the worst thing in the world. There's nothing wrong with getting a job. In fact, it's a GREAT idea. There's a learning curve in IM. There are no shortcuts that work, no matter what the gooroo's tell you. I promise. However there are “smartcuts”. Once you get over the bigger learning curves, you can utilize these “smartcuts”, which get their name from a book a read. And a job will help you feel safe and secure while you find the skills you can use to generate income to fund your internet business investing.

Either way, here's what you have to do to succeed in IM: Work Play Serve and Profit


1. You gotta Work. That's just part of it. BUT you can learn to work smart instead of hard all the time.
2. Playing is usually overlooked. If you're not having fun, you need to take a step back, analyze, and change your approach.
3. Never forget that we're Serving others, and they are human beings. Not a number on a list. Not a buyer or an email address. A person, just like you and me. Marketing is about providing solutions to problems.
4. If you do this stuff right, it's natural to Profit.

My weird musical ideas come forth.

My weird musical ideas come forth.

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Here's just a little more personal info about me:

I go by Phil W. Blackwell to distinguish myself from other Phillip Blackwells of the world, including one who also plays music and lives 45 miles south of me. I'm an entrepreneur, online marketing business owner & consultant, affiliate marketer, software developer, computer IT problem solver, avant-garde AND pop music composer (who'd a thought 'em?), AND chronic pain conqueror. I still live at the end of a dirt road because we haven't decided where to move yet… oh I live with my amazing wife Eden in a small country town of Mississippi, dreaming of living on the coast of Californ-I-A, singing Beach Boys tunes, reading comic books, watching sci-fi, playing video games when free time arrives, and hanging out with our five four cats:


Soda the Cat

Soda Pop


Clementine in the bed desk

Clementine (Soda's sister)


Mr. Walters

Mr. Walters (Clementine's kid) – pretty much does all my Photoshop work. AKA Mr. Balloon Pants


Hobo cat #1 “Gary”. He was born among tons of other cats at the neighbor's and we found out they call him Rusty. But he's ours, see. We paid for a couple surgeries! He has a funny chirp that birds can't resist. A sweet guy but vicious hunter! Just look at this guy. All he needs is a catnip cigar.


Sailor Pants (hobo kitty #2) – Sailor went missing and hasn't come home. 🙁


Fun fact: All cats have 3 names. You would only know this for certain if you've read T. S. Eliot's Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, or if you've seen Logan's Run.

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Catch you on the flipside,

Phil W. Blackwell,

“Dirt Road Internet Tycoon”


  1. Jodi Thompson

    I am totally overwhelmed and not even sure where to start. I did purchase all three programs and so far the only thing that has made sense is your letter. I am 73yrs old, my husband died in April (with no insurance) so I am really trying to find a source of income from home. We had driven Long Haul truck as a team for over 20 yrs. I have tried to go out alone but it really is difficult. We have a small horse farm, however after my husband died I have had to sell most of the horses. Incidentally we have 22 cats, all except one were cats that just showed up. All have been “fixed” but still have visitors that don’t leave. Thanks for any help you can give me, I really need to make this program work for me. Jodi

    • Phil

      Which 3 programs did you buy?

      I’m sorry to hear about your husband. Are you completely new to IM?


  2. Lee


    Thank you for taking time to share your personal story and also for giving the suggestions you gave for the purpose of helping people!

  3. Lee

    Phil, just a short note to say that I relate to the four concepts of work, play, serve and profit.

    What I like is that they are first personal and second I feel they are practical in terms of trying to advance in either a person’s internet marketing endeavors or within the context of their personal life goals, endeavors, etc.

    In short, I felt all that was said was meaningful. All the very best to you as you continue to advance in your personal, family and internet marketing worlds.


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