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Now.. on to this review.. If you're serious about creating a consistent income for yourself with SEO, this course is worth a look.




FE – 1k F1k-freelance-seo-challenge-reviewreelance SEO Challenge

A fantastic course on pulling clients from Upwork. The principles can be applied to other websites as well. I like this because, in my opinion, the best way to make money in local SEO is to just get clients FIRST. This is a great way. Plus I appreciate that John shares the various ways he makes money on his website.

$7-10 increasing over several days


OTO1 –¬†Outsourcing SEO Course

This is a 5 video mini-course that will show you various placing to grab different types of SEO services. If you're not sure how to deliver SEO this is going to be a crucial part of the equation.

Price: $17


OTO2 – Authority Multiplier Download

This is a re-brandable report that you can give out to potential clients and includes some videos with some GREAT ideas. This is very similar to one of the strategies I used when starting (and continuing) in the local SEO niche. I recommend grabbing this if you don't have proof of your own to share and build your authority with potential clients. Note: The last video Paul made on this section is gold.

Price: $27