Jumpstart 2017 with Habit of Now + FREE Case Studies

Whatever happened in 2016 is in the past. And… YOUR PAST DOES NOT EQUAL YOUR FUTURE! So make 2017 the year you want by starting it off right.

Honestly, I was not happy with myself through most of 2016. I didn't take care of my body as well as I should and my health problems got worse and worse. By November I was burned out.

I stepped away from work and took time off to figure out what I was doing with my life. I do these little mini “waves” throughout the year anyway, but I had to do some real soul searching this time. And it wasn't pretty.

I realized I didn't want to live the same way I had been in 2016, because I've been on a path that leads me to ending up in a wheelchair and highly depressed. Seriously. But the good news is that I don't have to live that way. I can always decide to change. So if you feel anything like that yourself, I want to invite you to make the changes with me.

If we're not WHERE we want to be in life, it's because we're not WHO we want to be. And the only way to become that person is to design WHO we are and WHERE we want to be. And that always starts with WHY… (more…)

Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review and Bonuses


UPDATE: It's won “Product of the Day” Twice! Wow. The launch period is over but I would still recommend grabbing this before it goes up to $147.


What if you could get 70,000+ visitors in just 30 days, with some days as high as 6,000-8,000 visitors, on complete autopilot?

And if you only did the “lazy method” of adding some adsense or amazon affiliate links, could you make $50 to $100 / day?

Most definitely. How do I know? I've seen it..

This course is a case study about putting in work on the front end and setting up some automated systems to get this kind of traffic, and then monetizing any number of ways: adsense (lazy method), ecommerce, cpa, affiliate marketing, etc.. I’m excited about it because it’s a complete A to Z system from a marketer I respect, and it’s not theory. It’s an actual case study where he walks you through the entire process. And the course teaches you so many things that are needed with IM that you will come out with several new skillsets. Plus, my bonuses will add even more conversion methods after you've started.

When most people create these courses, they only have proof in the IM niche, and that’s really problematic for a lot of reasons. But Stefan is doing this in other niches as well and the case study is in a niche far removed from IM. That's why I decided to add this method to my own businesses…


Rapid Profit Ninja Review


Update: Want to go through this course WITH ME and learn how my friend got a 20k/mo buyer from Fiverr? Check out my bonus packages at the bottom of this review.

What if I told you there's a way to start making 100/day online without any prior experience?

And all you need is a computer and an internet connection and about 30 min a day to dedicate to it…

Sounds pretty awesome if you ask me.

Well that's what RPN is about. In my review I go into a “sneak peek” of the entire program and also talk about this awesome documentary I saw the other day (while I was sick at home for days, curled up like a baby haha). In this film a guy breaks a marathon world record nobody thought he could. He practiced after work and on the weekends. He was in terrible shape before AND after breaking the record. List.. it blew my mind. You gotta check it out. And please forgive any weird video glitches as this is my first live stream on YouTube 🙂 (more…)

The Elite Five Review and Bonus (My New Course Collaboration)

Winners announced!! 
Christine, Ivan, and Carl you guys win a free copy of the main course when you buy through my link! Reply to one of my emails with your receipt and I'll send you the amount via PayPal 🙂


Hey guys, really proud to product this course and my review of The Elite Five, which is a collaboration of 5 experts on the top 5 ways to get started with internet marketing, or to add another income stream and scale up a bit. It includes my module on mobile site flipping that is very different from anything you've seen before, even in my past courses.

Also, I'm cranking up the bonuses because I really want to add value on this one. My bonus package value is hitting $2,000 at this point.

Click Here at 10 am EST on Monday Oct 24 to lock-in the $7 Investment
(and check this page 10 minutes before it goes live to see if you won a free copy)


Arbitrage Sugardaddy Review

What's the #1 skill you can learn to be successful in IM?


In fact, it's not just the #1 skill in IM, it's the most important for any type of business. To be an entrepreneur. And probably the most important in just about every other area of life. Zombie apocalypse. Etc.

This is why I recommend Arbitrage Sugardaddy completely. Details in my video and on the page here. (more…)

What’s Possible… and 3 Quick Cash Methods

Hey friends.. this video is a bit long but I wanted to give you a few things to inspire and help move you toward your goals:

  1. Show you what's possible with internet marketing. What I've been up to and the partnerships I've forged all from starting with a simple hobby of selling things on eBay, to selling cheap $200 websites… yep, I've been there!
  2. Three “quick cash” methods you can start doing TODAY to make some real money to fund your internet marketing startup.


Secrets of The Search Engine Masters (Review)

Hey guys, this will be a pretty short review because this product is very straight to the point. It's an interview series with some of the most qualified “underground” marketing experts in the industrysecrets-of-the-search-engine-masters. I know because a few of these people have mentored me in various areas, and one has even been a partner to me! So yeah, I can't recommend this highly enough, especially because the price is soooo right! I've been through nearly all of them, including all of the SEO, Social, YouTube, and email marketing modules. (more…)

The Dip and Why I’m Switching Gears

the-dipThis post is about The Dip, which hardly anyone in internet marketing talks about. And it's also about getting a job. And there's a free SEO interview inside I did with someone awesome. And it's also about overcoming hardships, and my trip to Europe. So it skips around a good bit. But I hope it's somewhat entertaining and a lot of encouraging. (more…)

CPA Ads Academy Review

CPA Ads Academy is reviewed by Mr. Walters, one of the top internet marketers today. He is brilliant at coming up with bonuses that end up being better than the product itself! He is a cat but don't let that stop him! Sometimes his owner Phil Blackwell will do a bit of the grunt work.

YouTube Ads are untapped – it's like the early days of Adwords where a lot of the first affiliate marketing millionaires were made. Many people are nervous about doing video but there's nothing to worry about. You don't have to get on camera, use your own voice, or even outsource a video. There's a 100% legal way to get video and get a bunch of cheap traffic through YouTube Ads, and Brian has figured this out! This CPA Ads Academy Review and my bonuses will give you all you need to get started right away.

Now this course isn't really worthy of the word Academy (sorry). IMers like to use that word for some reason. But what IM course is an Academy these days? Especially those in the sub-$97 range? So what, man. That doesn't mean it's not worth picking up. So I'm renaming it “CPA YouTube Ads Kickstart” and it's a better course because of my bonuses :D. So I'm giving it two scores. One with, and one without. So be sure to clear your cookies before you purchase!