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Below are the exact tools I use in my business. If you would like to know more about any of them, leave a comment or send me a message and I’ll make a video

I use 3 different page/site builders for various reasons:

  1. ClickFunnels has been the leading funnel software for some time now. Once you get past the initial small learning curve it’s easier to use than the WordPress suggestions below, and makes it much easier to build complete funnels. If you can’t afford a monthly fee, or just need to build a quick landing page, wait on CF. There’s also a cool add-on called CF Pro Tools for more advanced stuff, made by someone in the community.
  2. Convertri is a serious contender to Clickfunnels. Their USP is incredibly fast page loading. I also found their page builder to be much less restrictive than Clickfunnels, so it’s worth a look!
  3. Instabuilder and OptimizePress are the two best landing page creator softwares for WordPress that I know of. I use both for different strategies. I like OP for building my membership areas pages (see it in action at Blue Ocean Local). If you are building simple funnels with 2-3 pages or steps, either of these is fine, although I prefer Instabuilder. It’s faster than OP, easier to dive into, and has its own page manager so you can separate your landing pages from the rest of your WordPress pages.
  4. For building complete websites, I’ve used these WordPress themes to sell websites for $1,000-$5,000 depending on features and upsells.
    1. Elegant Themes (especially Divi)
    2. StudioPress’s Genesis Themes
    3. BeTheme – this theme has over 70 niches to build complete professional websites in seconds – I’m newer to this theme than the others but it looks like it might replace StudioPress in my book.
Images and Design:
YouZign – for creating all of my graphics (that I don’t outsource). You can read my YouZign Review Here.
IrfanView – Instantly rename, convert, resize, and compress an entire list of images!
Hosting: VPS and Dedicated:

LiquidWeb – I’ve moved most of my hosting over to Liquid Web, especially the important stuff. You can check their standard shared hosting plans here. But I prefer VPS managed hosting.

Many companies claim to be managed, but they don’t really manage a whole lot. LiquidWeb is there when you need them. Their Support is quite impressive. They have a U.S. based support team that answers the phone pretty quickly.

  • I recommend starting with Storm VPS Hosting 2GB, 100GB SSD Disk Space, Free SSL, Free Domain. As of this writing it’s $69/mo. Also comes with dedicated IP. You can add up to 8 more for only $1 each per month. When you factor that in, the cost for performance is actually better than Hostmonster and others, especially because of the support. As your online business grows, you don’t want the headaches of trying to do it all yourself with hosting that isn’t truly ‘managed’.
Hostmonster – Also has decent VPS but you have to be more technically minded to manage it. Scroll to the bottom left to see their options. It’s cheaper than LiquidWeb.
Cheap Hosting:
If you’re starting out and on a very tight budget, and you just have to get cheap hosting (which I don’t like better you gotta start somewhere), go ahead and get shared hosting from Hostmonster (dedicated IP is preferable, but not required unless you’re email marketing). I do have some apprehension about recommending them now that the parent company that owns Hostgator bought them out. But in my experience their support was better than average in the past. More recently I waited over an hour to talk to someone for a client. Again, if you can go with LiquidWeb, do it. You will not regret it. Just get one client or find some way to pay for it.
WordPress Security:

This stuff makes life and work so much easier.. saving time so I can do more of what I want..

  • Roboform is the fastest way to make sure you are safe, secure, and you NEVER have to remember anything but one complex password. You can save “identities” and automatically fill long forms without typing them out. I use it on my computers and iPhone, plus you get the ‘anywhere’ version to login to the cloud. Just pick a VERY complex password, over 14 characters w/ numbers, mix of lower and capital letters, @#$#%@# etc. You only have to remember one! It also works with the new phones’ finger print readers so you don’t have to type that long password in every time. Can be used with websites and software (like Quickbooks).
  • Fingerprint reader (laptops) or Desktops – This combined with Roboform will let you login much faster to your computer or laptop, and not have to type out that long password every time.
  • Enounce MySpeed – Speed up videos online for faster learning
  • Folder Marker Pro – Visually manage and recognize your folders in Windows instantly.. much easier than recognizing words next to a bunch of plain-colored folders.
  • Clipboard Fusion My favorite clipboard manager – saves a list of the last few things you copied or cut, including images! Also scrubs text for you so you can copy/paste without formatting.
  • Ditto Free clipboard manager. This one is a little faster to use but lacks some of the features I like in Clipboard Fusion.
  • Microsoft OneNote – I love this for keeping track of various things. I use the iPhone app as well. I’m sure Evernote is awesome too, but for now I haven’t switched.
  • DisplayFusion – Manage multiple monitors, toolbars, and desktops in Windows. Not really needed in Windows 10 anymore, but I loved it for Windows 7 and 8.1